Are you struggling to attract top candidates, or evaluate and grade jobs within your organization? Is it a challenge to provide role-clarity and proactively manage applicant expectations? Or to recognize, reward and retain top performers? Are you gummed with poor performing employees and a lack of growth motivation?

The key to resolving these issues is simple… Job Profiles.

Job profiles not only provide a clear outline of organizational positions and expectations, but they help track and measure performance within a particular role. The internet is a great start for research but copying and pasting templates and hoping for the best – will only leave you disordered and dissatisfied with the outcome.

As Sir Richard Branson puts it – ‘A company’s employees are its greatest asset, and your people are your product’.

Investing in this foundational process is paramount to achieving the desired results.

Why? Because job profiles are at the centre of many Human Resources and people management practices. And help structure some of the following internal processes…

  • talent acquisition
  • learning and development
  • performance management
  • remuneration and rewards
  • employee (industrial) relations
  • employee engagement and retention

to name but a few…

According to a study, the average job seeker only spends 49.7 seconds reviewing a job advert (the product of a job profile), before deciding if it’s worth applying for. They reportedly spend longer (76.7 seconds) viewing a job that instantly appears to be a close match for their skills and interests. With that in mind, it’s easy to see that a custom-crafted job profile helps to better align job candidates. Rather than generating massive ill-fitting responses from desperate job seekers – who don’t meet your requirements and end up wasting valuable time and resources.

The fact is, without clearly defined, well-structured and well-articulated job profiles – attracting and retaining the right talent for your organization becomes somewhat of a “mission impossible” assignment.

Moreover, if like most employers, you strive to build a high-performance work culture then well-crafted job profiles are non-negotiable. They serve to provide your organizational team with the knowledge, skills, abilities and behavioral competencies required for individuals to thrive within a particular position.

It’s important to note the difference between a job profile and job description.

  • A job profile focuses on a specific deliverable or outcome. They serve to clarify expected standards and are more likely to influence performance.
  • A job description, on the other hand, is simply an outline of the list of duties or tasks to be carried out by an employee.

To help you along, we’ve compiled a list of common job profiling pitfalls to avoid when embarking on the employee hiring process.


Involve subject matter experts, line / hiring managers, HR as well as current incumbents to gather in-depth information about the role you are profiling.


Create your job profile with the ideal person for the role (and your organization) in mind ie: look to craft a good person-job-culture fit. Yes, the internet can help you get started with a general outline but do spend the time customizing your content for any template you may find. If you copy and paste without tailoring to your organization’s unique needs and culture, you run the risk of “not getting what you ordered.”


Avoid long-winded paragraphs when crafting your job profile. This can easily put potential candidates off. Internally, they could create a lot of ambiguity and misunderstandings between line manager and employee. Rather keep it short and sweet.


Avoid jargon and acronyms, as these vary from company to company and industry to industry and could cause confusion or misinterpretation.


Communicate, communicate, communicate. If you are recruiting internally, ensure that the intended recipient is aware of the job profile’s existence as well as its content. We’ve seen many companies making the mistake of drafting beautiful job profiles only to fail by neglecting to share them with the employees they were drafted for in the first place.

We hope this helps you with your candidate search for the ‘right fit’, but if you need help with crafting job profiles for your organization – we are always here to assist…

Until next time…

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