“People are not your most important asset. The right people are.”- Jim Collins

The recruitment process (if executed correctly) can yield amazing benefits for your company. But if done hastily and shoddily it could leave all parties feeling disheartened and disappointed.

Often, it is urgency and desperation that ignites snap decisions, which may lead to rushing the recruitment process. But not taking the time to get things on the right track from the start, can waste even more time, lead you down a rabbit-hole search of miss-matched candidates or even worse… land you in a hot-water legal situation! And who needs that, right!?

With that in mind here are a few tips to guide you along the path of finding the right talent for your business.


  1. DON’T rush the process
  2. DO carefully craft your job profile
  3. DON’T get too hung up on experience 
  4. DO ask for specific examples 
  5. DON’T skimp on reference checks 
  6. DO exercise decisiveness 

1. DON’T Rush the Process 

Like any other worthy business investment, acquiring the best talent for your company needs to be a well thought through process and should never be scurried. Which is why we strongly advise against rushing into advertising a vacancy or employing the first available or referred candidate that comes along. Think about why the role is needed and which area of your business model it aims to fulfill. Also, give some thought to how much you can afford to pay the person. Do your research. Find out what other similar-sized companies within your industry pay – as well as what type of benefits they offer.

2. DO Carefully Craft Out Your Job Profile

This is a particularly important, yet often neglected step of the recruitment process. Avoid copy and paste job profiles and carefully consider and map out the day-to-day activities, tasks, projects and other job specifications – that you would need the candidate to perform. Thereafter you can carefully review the key skills, qualifications and personal attributes that would be required to fulfill these functions. And lastly, give some thought to the kind of person that would thrive in your environment or company culture.

3. DON’T Get Too Hung-Up on Experience 

As Simon Sinek puts it – “Hire for attitude. Train for skill.” Although qualifications and experience are necessary for screening applicants, be careful not to overlook candidates with slightly less experience. They may not have as many skilled years behind them, but they may be more enthusiastic and eager to learn – than that of their more experienced counterparts. Thereby making them better hires for the long term.

‘‘Hire for Attitude. Train for Skill.’’

– Simon Sinek

4. DO Ask for Specific Examples 

Instead of asking the typical “Tell me about yourself”, “What are your strengths?” and “What would do if…”, type of questions – ask your interviewees to describe specific situations or projects that they have encountered or worked on, in their previous work environments. This will help you to paint a much clearer picture of how they would function within your company.

5. DON’T Skimp on Reference Checks 

Referencing may take some time, but it is worth its weight in gold – in the long run. Call previous employers, look your prospective employees up on social media and google them if you must! You can also use verification agencies to verify their qualifications, criminal record status and credit score (which are important for roles dealing with money) to verify what is on their CV.

6. DO Exercise Decisiveness

There is nothing more frustrating to a candidate that a prospective employer who takes forever to give feedback, if at all. Often employers rush to schedule interviews before their internal processes are complete – then start stalling until the candidate either gets another offer or loses interest. It is bad practice to ‘ghost’ applicants – even if you have ruled them out. Rather be courteous and polite enough to send them a regret email – at the very least. If you have interviewed them, telephonic feedback is advisable. It bodes well for your employer brand and future relations.

And there you have our our 6 do’s & don’t’ s for hiring the ‘right fit’. We hope they help to provide further direction with your hiring endeavors.

Yours Truly,

Ntsumi HR Partners

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